Animal Crossing New Horizons | Villager Raymond

Animal Crossing New Horizons | Villager Raymond

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Villager Raymond


Have one empty plot, meaning a plot where nobody is moving in
Have 10 free spaces in your inventory for the items.
Have a Nintendo Online Subscription
Message us with an approximate time when you are available after purchase.
For delivery the following day, please specify a preferred time between 8 AM and Midnight EST.

Have Questions?
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One of the MOST EXCLUSIVE and beloved villager could be yours!
Animal Crossing New Horizons Raymond

For Animal Crossing New Horizons Only
This is for a digital service, no item will be delivered

Many Sellers are selling at a much higher price for fake / bootlegged version of the game.
This is obtained legitimately bu hunting on Mystery Islands!
You can spot the fakes ones by observing the house Raymond lives in.
Beware of FAKES!


Step 1. Make sure you have an empty plot of land available on your island!
Must not be sold!
Animal Corssing New Horizons Raymond
Step 2. Go to Dodo Airlines Airport, speak with Orville, and pick "I wanna fly!" option

Step 3. Choose "I wanna visit someone." then select "Via online play."

Step 4. "Roger", then "Search via Dodo Code"

Step 5. Enter the Dodo code that I will provide for you

Step 6. Travel to the island, speak to Judy, and invite him to your island!

Animal Crossing Raymond | Gunnar