Delivery & Transfer

Once you purchase your Pokémon we will send you all the instructions to receive them in a quick and easy manner, WE NEED YOUR FULL COOPERATION. We will organize this over our Discord server or Facebook page.



The Pokemon will be either sent through Link Trade, Transfer with Home per 3DS, or Home Account Transfer.


Link Trade:

  1. Open Pokemon Sword/Shield and press 'Y' to access the Y-Comm menu.
  2. Press '+' to connect to Online-mode
  3. Go into the Link Trade Menu and select an 8-digit Password.
  4. Send us the the 8-digit Password and your IGN (Trainername)
  5. After connection to our Accounts (IGN:ThePokemartAC | Vu), select a Pokemon you want to trade away to receive your Pokemon.

Transfer with Home per 3DS:

  1. Open Pokemon Home and select the Transfer button at the bottom (Switch menu).
  2. Select the Option Transfer with Nintendo 3DS
  3. Generate the code and send it to us within 3 minutes.
  4. You will receive the Pokemon 1 minute after we typed in your code

Home Account transfer: